Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to Make Liquid Soap

We learned how to make liquid soap, because Stella's Dad loves his "AXE" and we need to master a replacement. And, Heck, knowing how to make homemade dish detergent and such is good too!

Here is what you will need:
8 oz of Sedna's Simple Soap ( or Kirks Castile )
2 TBS of Glycerin
1 Gallon of distilled  H2O

First things first! This may be your first time making home made liquid soap as it was ours. You should do this, make this more than once so that you can perfect your own formula. Play with essential oils for scents, that sort of thing, BE SURE to have fun!! That is THE most important part, PERIOD.
We made a video to show you the steps we went through and how much fun we had learning something new.
This is what we did:
We took the gallon of distilled water and heated it up, medium/high heat. Sara grated 8 ox of simple soap. and we added the shavings to the water, then the 2 tablespoons of glycerin and stared.  After the soap shavings melted, we let it sit over night with a top on the pot.
Sara is very Talented Photographer!


All Melted

This morning, we put in 20 drops of essential oil :) and poured it into the gallon jug the distilled water came in. Now we have a beautiful gallon of liquid soap we made together as a family. Saving tons of money, and granting us the time to be together, making a sustainable product for our home. Yes we used a plastic jug to contain the liquid soap, this is not perfect, but let me tell you this, it is far better then any other way we have ever gotten a bottle of liquid soap. Have fun folks, enjoy every minute.

Happy Cleaning,
Sara and Tara
Sedna Soap
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ps I just used this in the shower and it was awesome, for the dishes, it did not seem to lather enough for me. But lather does not mean it's not cleaning, my dishes are as shiny as can be.
pss I did not like this at all for the dishes, I have perfected this recipe for that purpose, here it is :)

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  1. UPDATE! I used this soap last night for general cleaning. I put some on a hot wet rag and wiped the counters down. My tea pot had taken some abuse from all the soap making and was splattered in stuck on soap. I wiped it down and it came right off. Also, I have a dresser that never seems to want to get clean. Its one of those fake lacquer pieces. I have used all sorts of things on this and it never looks right, most of all it really never gets clean. I used this on it and it is shining up beautifully! I am very happy with this liquid soap!! I can't wait to make more!!